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The Advisor Collaboration Project

Working together in the best interest of our clients

A big part of Estate Planning is helping our clients identify their goals and create a plan for how to meet them. Sometimes they may need to grow their business, increase their insurance coverage, or adjust their strategy for managing investments. Unfortunately, all of those efforts are typically overseen by a variety of individual professionals who are doing their very best for our common clients within their areas of specialization.

Imagine how much more effective we could be if we combined forces on behalf of our clients?

The Advisor Collaboration Project was created to bring financial professionals from different specialties together so that we can work toward one common goal – our clients’ peace of mind. We’re happy to coordinate with our clients’ financial planners, CPAs, and/or insurance agents to coordinate with you on creating  a comprehensive plan to help them reach their goals. And for clients who don’t already have those professionals in their corners, we can be a source of referrals.

If you’re interested in joining  our community of trusted advisors, please reach out.

We’d love to talk.

How does it work?

Discovery Meeting

We’ll meet with each advisor to gather background information on family dynamics, retirement accounts, life insurance, etc. 

Design Meeting

As a team, we will collaboratively design the optimum plan, incorporating all of the various legal and financial solutions

Delivery Meeting

We’ll present a comprehensive final estate plan to the client – a product of our collaborative team approach.


When needed, we’ll refer clients to you for funding and/or fulfillment of the estate plan components that you oversee. 

Probate & Trust Administration

We’ll provide ongoing continuity for our client’s family and/or business partners in the years to come.

Client Care Program

As we perform annual reviews of our clients’ estate plans or learn of life events requiring changes in your area, we’ll reach out to you and trust you to do the same. 

Let’s step out of our professional silos and come together to guide our clients toward the best plans for their lives and their legacies. 

In addition to De la Cruz Law (estate planning attorney), our collaborative teams may include accountants (or CPAs), insurance agents/brokers, bankers, family or business attorneys, and/or financial advisors.

Let's Work Together for Our Clients Sake

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