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De la Cruz Law was founded to provide seamless support to families and small business owners.

De la Cruz Law is a different kind of law firm. We specialize in Estate Planning and in Elder and Small Business law. Our founder, Cherish De la Cruz set it up this way because she recognized how often these areas of the law overlap – because small businesses are often family businesses and small business owners often have families. 

We believe in long-term relationships. At De la Cruz Law, we get to know our clients, their family members, and their businesses. We have the candidness and compassion needed to discuss difficult and important topics. And our goal is to be an ongoing resource throughout all of the life stages of your family or your business. 

We’ll work with your other trusted advisors.

A big part of Estate Planning is creating your goals and a plan for how you will meet them. In some cases that means you may need to grow your business, increase your insurance coverage, or adjust your strategy for managing investments. Unfortunately, all of those areas of your financial strategy are typically overseen by individual professionals doing their very best for you in their own area of specialization.

We created the Advisor Collaboration Project to bring all of your trusted advisors together, working toward one common goal – your peace of mind. We’re happy to coordinate with your financial planner, CPA, and/or insurance agent to coordinate a comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals. Or if you need one of these professionals, we can refer you to someone in our trusted network.

We’re your resource for all types of needs.

De la Cruz Law is also very well-connected throughout the area. When you’re looking for a referral, we can happily connect you with reputable CPAs,  Financial Advisors, Business and Life Coaches,  Therapists, and many other personal service providers. 

Our Process

We aim for just the right mix of personal attention and technological efficiency. Our process is streamlined and flexible to save you time and cost, while also providing the level of personalized attention you want and deserve.

Who we serve:

Professional Couples—Physicians, Attorneys, Financial Planners, and CPAs who:

  • Need to create a smart, strategic Estate Plan  for their future
  • Have an Estate Plan that is more than five years old
  • Want to build a legacy for their loved ones
  • Own small businesses or investment properties

First- and second-generation American families who need an attorney that:

  • Understands multi-generational, multi-cultural family dynamics
  • Is well-versed in the legal aspects of caring for aging loved ones
  • Will simplify the planning process

Professional services' business owners—Doctors, Attorneys, Financial Planners, CPAs, who:

  • Have never created an estate plan for their business
  • Have a plan that is more than five years old
  • Are ready to create an exit or succession plan

Professionals who:

  • Have no plan to provide for themselves or their family’s future
  • Have a plan that is more than five years old

Young couples who:

  • Have no plan in place to protect their families
  • Have a plan, but haven’t updated it since the birth of their first or second child

Life Goes Better with a Plan

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