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We’re for Families and Small Businesses

Multi-generational, multicultural, and multi-faceted –

Being part of a multigenerational family comes with a unique set of blessings and challenges. Add in a small business and a mix of first and second-generation American family members – and the needs become even more layered.

At De la Cruz Law, LLC, we understand this dynamic firsthand and specialize in the areas of law that impact multi-generational, multicultural families and small businesses.

Peace of Mind Starts with a Plan

Far too many families and business owners put off planning for the future until an emergency happens. Then, they’re forced to make critical decisions at a time when they’re also experiencing terrible stress. De la Cruz Law can help you prevent unnecessary stress and heartache with thoughtful, customized plans for life’s events – both expected and unexpected.

We create plans that help you

• Provide for your family’s future

• Care for aging family members

• Protect and grow your business

• Pass your business on when the time comes


Our areas of practice include family and small business law.

Estate Planning

Protect your wishes, your legacy, and your loved ones.

Elder Law

Multi-generational support for seniors and their caregivers.

Probate & Trust

You don’t have to settle your loved ones’ estate alone.

Small Business Consulting

Get smart legal advice for your small business.

Does your outdated estate plan put your loved ones in danger?

Get our FREE Estate & Life Planning Check-up to see if your plan is optimized to:


  • Eliminate unnecessary taxes
  • Streamline the probate process
  • Reduce emotional stress

Strong Families and Smart Businesses All Have a Plan.

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